Top 4 Combat Ways Against Content Theft: Marketers Must Know

Top 4 Combat Ways Against Content Theft: Marketers Must Know

“I would not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brains.”
― William Shakespeare, Othello

Imagine this: while you’re famished (because your microwave hardened your last craved-for croissant) and delirious for reasons of lack of sleep and shower bliss, you spent days and nightly hours pouring your brains into your contents that you brilliantly caressed with words so convincing, meaty, and buoyant!

Voilà, surprise! Your content is not published and saved! You can’t access your other 17 online portals! There’s been no way to retrieve your password for five long years! You gasp. You catch yourself apprehensively typing in one of your article titles on Google; to your dismay, a writer, pseudo-named “Les Marketeurs the US,” posted your same-word-same-style content merely 72 hours ago! 

What are you going to do?

Believe me, if such hits my pavement, I can only brutally visualize chopping the thief’s hand off! PHEW! Yes, I’ve been screaming. Now, enough vicious exclamation points.

Let’s get to the Top 4 Combat Ways Against Content Theft: You- like me– Marketers Must Know.

l. Be Sure to Keep Your Online Accounts Guaranteed Safe

Ensure that no third parties can log in to your site’s backend, project management tools, and file-level storage by practicing these security methods:

  • Opt for longer passwords that include variations of characters- uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols- yet avoid the same password for multiple accounts. Security isn’t one-size-fits-all, dear Marketer.
  • Establish a two-step verification for a strong layer of content security.
  • Trust reliable password managers such as Bitwarden and Authenticator, but please, be cautiously responsible for one master password.

“Should I share?”


Again, secure one master password. The rest is the app’s role to keep all other passwords protected.

ll. Adequately Safeguard Your Email Marketing’s Security

Protect your marketing content, research, your data resourcing plus planning bases, and all of your clients’, recipients’, and customers’ personal information from hackers, who are fully aware that email is one of the most all-important tools in digital marketing, thus, will try heedful access to get in.

  • Implement email marketing through secure email software. Two of the most popular among content marketers are Mailchimp and Get Response, for they offer multiple levels of elite security for all email communications.
  • Undergo online security training regularly to learn the up-to-date filtering of outbound emails, data security, and encryption.

lll. Shield Your Content from Plagiarism



  • Include a copyright symbol on every page of your website to dissuade any flying nostrils from copying your writings, images, infographics, PDF downloads, and even E-books!
  • Feature copyright symbols and watermarks to ward off the sniffing noses to scrape your content off as their own.
  • Guard contents by disabling the copy + paste text command, using a code to ‘kill’ right-click functions on your site to prevent the saving of images to their local files, or the copy and pasting of the original text. This code will prompt visitors that the content is copyrighted.

lV. Set Up a Secure Connection for Your Online Communications

Avoid risky public networks.

  • Send data over Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which are then encrypted to prevent any third parties from accessing your uploads, shared content, or sent emails.
  • Choose awesome secure messaging apps that you can utilize for your team’s mobile technology reliance in exploring content marketing possibilities. A few of the messengers that are offering their best encryption techniques to secure online communications are WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, and Telegram. Chatting about campaigns and content has never been this quick, safe, and easy.

The image of Rapunzel holding a knife …

…above perfectly illustrates the intent of a content marketing creator to combat the dangers of thieves’ attacks! Never leave your contents unprotected! There’s a huge number of internet trolls, sniffing around and waiting for that right moment to get through even the tiniest hole of chance. Therefore, make this a priority. In doing so, maintaining your site’s ranking and keeping at being the authoritative source of information are rest assured attainable.

Chop those hands off before they take a grip of your brains. Understand?

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